How do you put a collar on a cat who hates it

Putting a collar on a cat who hates it can be challenging, but it can be done with patience and the right tools. The first step is to make sure you have the right size and type of collars for your cat’s needs. You want one that will not choke or irritate your pet, as well as one that fits properly.

When you are ready to put the collar on, try offering treats or something else special to distract your four-legged friend while you get the job done. If your cat still resists, it may help to have someone hold them securely while you clip on the collar or harness. Never force your cat into the situation – instead, approach them gently, speak in a soothing voice and give reassuring strokes. This can help ease their tension and make them feel more relaxed about wearing their new accessories.

Once the collar or harness is on, reward your feline friend with praise or treats for being so brave. It might also help to pair these positive associations with wearing her new gear by giving her an extra treat when she dons it again each day. With patience and consistency over time, your cat may even begin to associate wearing her gear positively rather than negatively!

Set Up Your Workspace

If your cat hates wearing a collar, you’ll need to create a comfortable workspace in which to put it on. Start by using familiar objects that your cat enjoys, like toys, treats and soft blankets. This will help them feel safe and secure.

Next, make sure the space is large enough so that your cat can move around without being obstructed. Finally, set up a few perches (such as chairs) or tables so that your cat has somewhere to hide if they get scared.

Once your workspace is ready, make sure to give your cat plenty of treats and rewards for entering the area and staying there. This will help them associate it with positive feelings rather than fear or anxiety! As your cat gets used to best flea collar for small dogs this routine you’ll be able to start introducing the collar more gradually and successfully.

Prepare the Collar

Before you try to put the collar on your cat, you need to make sure it’s properly fitted and comfortable for them. Start by measuring the cat’s neck directly behind their ears with a tape measure or piece of string and a ruler. You want to make sure that the circumference of the collar is slightly smaller than their neck measurement, so that it fits snugly.

You may also want to check if the collar has any breaks in the material, as cats can easily slip out of collars with weak links. If there are any gaps or inconsistencies in your measurements, replace the adjustable collar with one that is fixed and has no weak links. Also make sure to double-check whether or not your chosen collar has an anti-microbial agent added – this will help prevent skin infections from forming.

Make Your Cat Comfortable

The most important thing to remember when trying to collar a cat who hates it is to make your cat as comfortable as possible. The more relaxed and friendly the atmosphere is, the less resistant the cat will be to wearing their new collar.

One way to make your cat feel more at ease is to spend some time interacting with them before you even bring out the collar. Scratch their ears, rub around their face or chin, and offer treats. You can also try talking in a soothing voice and praising your pet whenever they show positive behaviors such as purring or approaching you for attention.

You may also want to bring out a favorite toy or brush before introducing the collar. This will give your pet something else to focus on and possibly distract them from the collaring process itself. Doing this may help take away some of their anxiety surrounding the entire process.


Collaring your feline can be achieved by setting up the right environment, preparing the collar ahead of time, making sure they’re comfortable and caring when you put it on them. If there is any anxiety or aggression present during the process, don’t hesitate to use treats and positive reinforcement to ensure your pet remains calm.

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